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Mystery Shopping

To know exactly what your customers want or feel about your business lies at the core of all businesses. But this is an uphill struggle, to monitor your product's visibility, promotion and pricing across retail outlets. Mystery shopping shows the true reflection of customer service of an organization. Sending your own people to conduct reviews makes the purpose and objective of conducting reviews irrelevant. When your staff conducts a secret review, no matter how well you disguise this news it will most definitely get circulated through formal and informal channels within your organization. A third party always brings perspective in credibility to the reports and employees see it as a motivating factor to perform better. And moreover, Mystery review programs become most effective when the results are directly tied to employee appraisals. The process of mystery shopping is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. It can be conducted in the most simplest of means - a telephone call, website survey or a store visit.
  2. It involves observing pre-decided set of things very sharply and an eye out on any unethical conduct.
  3. Writing about them in a detailed questionnaire after the assignment.

Advantages of Mystery Shopping

  • Makes employees aware of what is important in serving customers
  • Tracking of Franchise performance
  • Improves customer retention
  • Management of staff incentives and appraisals system using reliable data
  • Huge cost savings in comparison to inhouse audits
  • Monitored and measured service performance
  • Supports hustle by employees to meet customers
  • Maintaining price hygienic across the channel
  • Allows for competitive analyses between locations
  • Monitors facility conditions
  • Enforces employee integrity and knowledge.
  • Ensures product/service delivery quality.
  • Identifies training needs and sales opportunities
  • Supports promotional programs
  • Checking and ensuring presence of in-store marketing elements
  • Ensures positive customer relationships on the front line.
  • Involvement of third party auditors leads to better acceptability of findings
  • Accurate, unbiased, real time data, data you can trust.

How will it benfit your business ?

There is literally no area of your business that cannot be tracked in our mystery shopping. Our trained shoppers will give you the absolutely spot on feedback on all fronts, be it ambiance, staff, hygiene, products etc. The industries that can be associated in mystery shopping come in all ranges from department stores and retail to convenience stores, banks, hotels and airlines. But collecting the accurate data is not where it ends. The data is then processed and indexed in a presentable format for the required representatives.
Taking your leadership in this tough economy for granted is not a wise choice. Industry benchmarking data gives a fair idea of where you stand with respect to competition. Constant touch with yourself and your customers and improvising your processes pace with the ever-changing needs has become a necessity. Mystery shopping can play a vital role in helping a company know

its performance expectations; this becomes most necessary when the competition tightens. Every company is looking for ways to improve their competitive edge, and many are finding it by taking a good look at themselves. The biology is that when we stare into a mirror for over 20 seconds the brain automatically makes us appear better looking than what we are, the same can be applied to your firm which is a model of everything you are. So isn’t it better to have a third party take a look at you.
Mystery shopping can be of any nature. The client may choose to be as specific and as detailed as they wish to be. We build our mystery projects on the vision and philosophy you have for your brand. . Whether it is to check on a particular employee or a particular team, or whether it is to choose from a selected list of products, or to just target your competitor benchmarking; you name it, we have it.

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