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About Us

Commandos of the business world – that’s how the Sunday Card crew can be considered. A small elite team that gets the job done in the right way for all the parties involved, always.

Yes, we do accept flattery as rewards. We start every company meeting with 'core value stories'. We discuss how members from other teams instilled a

core value in our life. Every Friday we hold a separate meeting, 'a meeting for meetings' where we brain storm solutions for a problem someone's road blocked on.

Basically we are a team of geeks, dorks and nerds that believe in having a good time while doing what we love, and we love what we do


Our team of geeks, dorks and nerds have just 1 thing in common. Our taste for travel. There is no road too narrow or hill too high that our adventurous lot have not yet set foot on. We have settled and dined from mobile vendors to 7 star luxuries. We have seen the view from the heart of the metropolis to the sites where 4G shies. So when we start suggesting, you can be absolutely sure that we have done our homework and anything less than our clients fulfilled dreams is simply unacceptable to these crazy lot.

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